How to Get Rid of Ants In Your Home

You probably notice ants outside everywhere. Like most people, they probably don't bother you (except at a picnic). But once they get inside in your kitchen or bathroom or anywhere, they can be a pain. So hopefully, this article can help show you how to get rid of ants quickly and naturally.

The first thing to notice is to see if there is an ant trail; if these ants are following each other marching into your house. If so, you want to eliminate the track with some house cleaner. This will help kill the ants when they try and follow this trail in the future.

If they are already in your house somewhere crawling around, one easy way to kill the ants is to spray them with a spray cleaner of your choice. Another idea is to vacuum them if you'd preferably not get too close to them. Of course, once you suck up the ants, you need to clean your vacuum cleaner right away; otherwise, they might live inside your vacuum cleaner and crawl out the first chance they get.

There are also several commercial ant traps you can buy. Some can be quite expensive, but others you can buy from Amazon or your local store are reasonably priced. Also, if you have kids or pets, you want to be sure any ant trap you get is okay to use in your home. In other words, the ant trap should be non-toxic.

Once you have removed the ants, you want to be sure they'll stay away. So you'll need to inspect your home for the smallest cracks where ants can get in; for example, around cracks in your windows or around torn window screens. Caulk and tape will help with this.

These ants are getting in because they are looking for food. Make sure your floors are nice and clean, that you sweep the floors daily, and wash your dishes regularly.

This also applies to pet food. Ants will eat any sort of food, so make sure there are no messes around where your pet eats.

Another idea to get rid of ants is to sprinkle some cayenne pepper by where the ants have appeared. Ants use a signal to know where the food is, and the cayenne pepper will help destroy that signal. Then the ants will simply go away.

If all else fails, you can hire an ant exterminator. They can generally be hired between $100 and $1,000, depending on how large your house is. Of course, the price depends on the kind of ants the exterminator needs to remove, and if you also want the exterminator to remove the ants' nest outside the house. You also may want to consider some monthly treatment to keep these pests away. That might cost like $50 a month.

Ants are very beneficial to our society, but they can be a real pain if they are inside your house. So hopefully, this article will help you to remove ants from your home.