How to Find a Good Inexpensive Lawyer

There will likely be occasions in your life when you need to find a good inexpensive lawyer. The reasons are endless; you are buying a new house, selling your old house, writing a will, and so forth.

So here are some tips to help you find the right lawyer for your particular needs.

1. Not all lawyers handle everything.

If you need a divorce lawyer, then a real estate lawyer won't do. There are different ways of finding an attorney to fit what you need. One is, of course, searching online via Google.

Back in olden days, lawyers weren't permitted to advertise, as it was considered unethical. But nowadays, you can find lawyers over the internet, and some are willing to handle what you need cheaply. 

Also, you can ask family and friends for their recommendations. If you are planning a divorce or a lawsuit, sometimes you might be hesitant to discuss such matters with someone you know, so act accordingly. 

And remember, many lawyers build their success on clients' recommendations. So if you can ask someone you know, please feel free if they can suggest a good lawyer.

Another place to find a lawyer is through your state's lawyer referral service. You can google for this online as well.

2. Pick out a few lawyers.

To find a good inexpensive lawyer, don't just settle for the first lawyer you come across. Check out a few that sound OK to you.

Many will respond to any questions you have, at no expense to you. So you can be sure you are getting an attorney who will give you the service you need.

Feel free to ask the attorneys what experience they have in the field you need. They should respond by telephone or email correspondence with you. Pick lawyers you feel comfortable with (and who you think are happy with you too).

3. Find an attorney you can afford.

Lawyers will tell you what their fees are. Please don't be afraid to ask upfront, and make sure everything is in writing (or with email or text). 

And your initial consultations with lawyers should be free, under no obligation. So make sure you talk with lawyers in person first, before agreeing to anything.

4. What if you can't afford ANY lawyer?

Suppose you are involved in a criminal case and can't afford an attorney. In that case, the court can appoint a lawyer to represent you (even if you CAN afford one). 

But if you are under financial hardship, you can contact a Legal Aid society in your area. You can use Google to find it.

Another idea is to contact a law school in your area for advice. Many law schools have students willing to offer advice for free to those who wish it.

Finally, you can discuss your financial situation with lawyers who quote prices outside of your range. They may offer discounts to you so they can handle your case.

So these are some ideas to help you find a good inexpensive lawyer to handle your situation. Just do your homework and keep trying. And if a lawyer turns you down (and some do that), then try some more. Good luck!